Randy Blythe – Lamb Of God

As a touring musician, Ash is a huge relief to work with – courteous, expedient, and he has a wicked sense of humor (always a plus!).  Then there’s the quality of his work…his images really capture the power, the glory and sometimes the bleakness of the madness that is life on the road. He is HIGHLY recommended!!

D. Randall Blythe

Lamb of God

Steve Lukather

Steve Lukather – Toto

I have been doing this music thing for well over thirty years and a photo shoot is only second to having a prostate check….Hahahaha!  Not only does Ash manage to make an old fool like me look cool BUT he was done in thirty minutes AND he got great shots!  UNREAL!!  Where has this guy been hiding??  He’s also a great guy that you want to hang and have a beer with.  We’ll be working together a lot in the future!

Geezer Butler 4889 © Ash Newell Photography

Geezer Butler – Black Sabbath

“There’s nothing in life that I hate more than having my picture taken.  I don’t mind Ash at all though because he’s quick and we always have a good laugh.”

Styx St  Louis

Tod Sucherman – Styx

I was alarmed when Ash showed up for my Modern Drummer Magazine cover shoot without any pants.  He was prompt though, early in fact.  Abraham Lincoln dedicated much of his success to always being five minutes early.  Ash was ten minutes early so he was sort of cooler than Lincoln in my book.  I gave him a spare pair of my wife’s Capri pants and was soon charmed by his demeanor and candor.  It was the most enjoyable photo shoot I’ve ever had to date and I was ASTOUNDED at the results.  Upon seeing the shoot proofs for the first time I declared aloud that Ash was “King Shit of Fuck Mountain”.

You will not ever regret hiring Ash for your photos, just have a spare pair of pants on hand!

Whitesnake 2009

David Coverdale – Whitesnake/Deep Purple

Dearly Beloved…I have known Sir Ash Newell now for over 18 years…of all places we met in the delightful Texas community of Corpus Christi where he shared with me his love of photography…We connected so very well that I invited him to shoot our Texas shows in 2003 after I’d put together a new Whitesnake and I’ve never regretted the invitation.

As we all know now, Ash has gone to photograph not only myself & Whitesnake, but our dear friends Def Leppard, KISS, Styx, Eddie Van Halen, Alice Cooper, Taylor Swift,  countless other music legends & many, many more…immortalizing our images in his own magical way.

A true artist, friend & supporter he has realized not only his ambitions & dreams, but also ours to an astonishing degree…

Anytime, Ash, ol’ son…Anytime…:)

David Coverdale
Lake Tahoe

That Metal Show

Phil Collen – Def Leppard

Ash is totally underrated and is a phenomenon of a photographer.  Def Leppard has worked with Ash since 2007 and has produced two books “Shots From The Sparkle Tour” (Vols I&II).  Ash’s use of color and light is unsurpassed.  Ash is always really easy to work with and exceptionally quick considering the EPIC results that he achieves!  He makes me look good EVERY TIME!


joe elliott def leppard sheffield 2008 by ash newell

Joe Elliott – Def Leppard

Welcome to Ash Newell’s website.  Ash is from East Yorkshire in England, but we don’t hold that against him.  He has become Def Leppards new kid on the block, having discovered his talent back in 2007 when he was shooting Phil Collen for Jackson Guitars.  His photos looked SO GOOD that we all in the band instantly agreed that the next time we needed live stuff shooting that we would give Ash a chance….it turned out to be a great decision as we now have two exclusive books, posters, tour programs, calendars and t-shirts etc AND Ash’s photo session work is equally as great as his live work so we have everything covered!

A most pleasant and funny guy to work with although his fondness for terrible limericks is holding him back in his dream to be a part time comedian…Don’t give up your day job Ash, you’re MUCH better at it, believe me!

Glenn Hughes

Glenn Hughes – Deep Purple/Black Country Communion/Trapeze

I had heard the news in L.A. about a photographer whose work did the talking.  His name?  Ash Newell, and quite few of my famous friends had already had photo shoots with him.

Ash came over to my house for a morning shoot and when I met him at the door I immediately knew that he meant business but more importantly, his character, wit and sensitivity made it one of the easiest sessions that I’ve ever done.  It’s never easy doing a photo session at my home as my five dogs are always up to something, but Ash was a champion with my fur kids.  Within 2 minutes of setting up, Ash took a portrait of me that captured my soul.  I always look forward to working with Ash again…..ANYTIME….ANYPLACE!!