Welcome to Ash Newell’s website.  Ash is from East Yorkshire in England, but we don’t hold that against him.  He has become Def Leppards new kid on the block, having discovered his talent back in 2007 when he was shooting Phil Collen for Jackson Guitars.  His photos looked SO GOOD that we all in the band instantly agreed that the next time we needed live stuff shooting that we would give Ash a chance….it turned out to be a great decision as we now have two exclusive books, posters, tour programs, calendars and t-shirts etc AND Ash’s photo session work is equally as great as his live work so we have everything covered!

A most pleasant and funny guy to work with although his fondness for terrible limericks is holding him back in his dream to be a part time comedian…Don’t give up your day job Ash, you’re MUCH better at it, believe me!