Dearly Beloved…I have known Sir Ash Newell now for over 20 years…of all places we met in the delightful Texas community of Corpus Christi where he shared with me his love of photography…We connected so very well that I invited him to shoot our Texas shows in 2003 after I’d put together a new Whitesnake and I’ve never regretted the invitation.

As we all know now, Ash has gone to photograph not only myself & Whitesnake, but our dear friends Def Leppard, KISS, Styx, Eddie Van Halen, Alice Cooper, Taylor Swift, ¬†countless other music legends & many, many more…immortalizing our images in his own magical way.

A true artist, friend & supporter he has realized not only his ambitions & dreams, but also ours to an astonishing degree…

Anytime, Ash, ol’ son…Anytime…:)

David Coverdale
Lake Tahoe