Ash Newell Rock Photographer

Ash Newell is a new breed of Photographer whose work and standards of visual arts has made him the favorite of many music legends such as KISS, Eddie Van Halen, Whitesnake, Def Leppard, Styx, Kris Kristofferson, Taylor Swift, Toto, Glenn Hughes and the list goes on and on and on…..

Stellar Rock Photographer

Newell is an acclaimed rock photographer and his relationships have gained him right of entry to a much more personal access with the artists. This exclusivity, trust and friendships that Ash has with the artists allows him to capture his subjects like no other, bringing a refreshing approach to an age old art.

“Half the time I get inspiration on the spot depending on the shoot location but for the most part I have the vision before I meet the client,” explains Newell. “If I don’t already know them I like to research the artist to get a feel of them and their being. Sometimes just seeing the location before the shoot will give me the insight to capture the visual we are aiming for and I have a completed shot before I actually pull out the camera.”

Ash Newell’s Start as a Rock Photographer
One of his first subjects not long after first picking up a film camera was rock legend & royalty David Coverdale in 2003, to cover the Whitesnake Reunion Tour. That mission produced a very strong body of work that found its way into multiple tour books, graced numerous magazines and the band’s merchandise to date. A strong and ongoing friendship was formed from Ash’s first meeting with Coverdale and continues to this date, testament to both Ash’s easy going nature and strong business relationships.

A professional Rock Photographer does more than just produce great photos. Newell creates other display opportunities for his clients. For example he produces limited edition books for bands and has recently done so twice for Def Leppard and constantly has other personal and professional projects in the works.

When not a Rock Photographer, Ash is Photographing Rocks
On the occasions that Ash is away from music, he has a great passion for traveling and shooting landscapes. Some of his favorite locations are Scotland, Ireland, the California national parks and the Colorado Rocky Mountains. “There are times in my life where the great outdoors beckons me and I have to answer it’s call. The privilege of capturing Mother Natures beauty through my lens is something that I cherish and never take for granted and I love being able to share my vision with others.”

Ash Newell was born and raised in Yorkshire, England, moved to the USA in the mid 1990’s and now resides with his wife and family in the Southern United States.